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Coolant Recycling Vacuums Supplied UK Wide from Depureco in the West Midlands

If you want to extend your machines’ working life, and help make them more efficient, then choose a coolant vacuum from Depureco. These machines remove and filter a range of liquids such as oil, coolant, and swarf from your machinery, helping them to run better. Filtering out any contaminants such as metal shavings, the liquids can then be disposed of, or recovered, depending on your needs. With an excellent reputation for high-quality industrial cleaning equipment, Depureco can help you find a suitable coolant vacuum.
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Quality coolant vacuums to enhance your industrial efficiency

Designed to remove and filter the coolant, swarf and oil from your industrial machinery, our specialist coolant vacuums can help to extend the working life of your machines and help them to work more efficiently.
M450 OIL

Mobile, compact and powerful, the M450 OIL vacuum is the ideal machine to suck up liquid (oil or coolant) mixed with metal chips, separate the oil from the chips and recover or dispose of the liquid.
The suction is provided by three by-pass stage motors, placed inside a sturdy steel casing, and operated by independent switches. A vacuum indicator is installed in order to detect possible clogging or anomalies in the suction; the motor head is protected from liquid and solid material through a nylon filter. The suction unit is protected by a steel cyclone and by polyester filter and a floating device, automatically stopping the suction when the liquid fills up the container.
A metal sieve grid (40 litres capacity) withholds the solid material (chips and metal parts), while the clean oil goes into the lower container (capacity 100 litres). It is then possible to discharge it, by means of a manual discharge valve. A level indicator enables the operator to constantly check the level of the liquid in the container.
coolant recycling vacuums
The steel container is detachable (by means of a lever place at the back of the unit) thus making disposal operations of the solid part (chips and shavings) quick and easy. The suction inlet (approx. 50 mm.) is tangential, thus providing a cyclone effect reducing the abrasive and clogging effect of the ingoing vacuumed material; a polyester filter enables the machine to be used effectively also for the suction of dry dust.
The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a solid steel trolley, equipped with braking and turning wheels

M250 T3: Sturdy yet portable

Built to the highest standards, Depureco’s industrial cleaners are sturdy and long-lasting, designed for continuous use in busy environments. However, all our models are also practical, and when you use an industrial coolant vacuum, they are designed to be easy to transport. Sitting on a steel tray with wheels and brakes, they can be moved from place to place, and we also offer a more compact model, the M250 T3 vacuum, which still offers high levels of performance in a smaller package, and has a 100-litre capacity. 
M250 T3 Industrial Vacuum

Easy, safe operation

Designed with the user in mind, Depureco’s range is easy to use. There’s a level indicator, so that the operator knows when these coolant vacuums need to be emptied, and discharging is done through a pump, which is quick and easy. 

Trusted brand

Depureco are experts in industrial cleaning, providing a wide range of equipment for the most heavy-duty environments. If you need an industrial coolant vacuum, we should be your first point of call, as we can find the right model to suit your needs. Our machines come with an excellent manufacturers warranty, and excellent aftersales service and support, so you can get the most from your equipment. Based in the West Midlands, Depureco work with customers across the UK, providing high-quality, reliable machines to companies across different industries.
To find out how a coolant vacuum could extend the life of your machinery, contact Depureco on
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