M500 - M550

Pedestrian scrubber dryers supplied UK wide from the West Midlands

Enjoy superior quality, ease of use and unmatched cleaning performance with the affordable Mach Line walk-behind scrubber dryers from Depureco.
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M500 To M550 pedestrian scrubber dryers

M500 & M550 are professional walk-behind scrubber-dryers, ideal for the thorough cleaning of small to medium size areas.
M500 & M550 have a cleaning width of either 50 cm or 55 cm which, combined with a 4.3 km/h speed, boasts an area coverage ranging from 2150 sq/m/h up to 2365 sq/m/h.
Both models are available either driven by a 24V battery system or mains powered. Additionally, traction can be brush assisted or fully automatic (TRAC versions). High capacity tanks (solution: 40 L; recovery: 50 L) maximise productivity and scrub time, and the on-board charger makes battery re-charging fast, safe and simple.
M500 and M550 scrubber dryers

Custom designed equipment

M500 and M550 are specifically designed to be easy to use, and to enable businesses with limited budgets to acquire the efficiency and reliability of a Mach Line cleaning machine at a price that can be justified and afforded.
For more details on our pedestrian scrubber dryers, call Depureco in the West Midlands.

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