Mach 6

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Mach 6 high-dump floor sweeper

The Mach 6 high-dump sweeper is designed and manufactured to sweep medium to large floor areas.
It has been developed following an analysis of the current sweeper market. Therefore, all specifications have been carefully planned in order to satisfy the most relevant needs of our customers, such as "strength", "power", "manoeuverability", "simplicity" and "low operational costs".
Mach 6 Industrial Sweeper

Powerful machine

The Mach 6 is equipped with the exclusive "Multi-phase" filtering system, to completely retain even the smallest particles of dust.
The structure is particularly strong to allow the machine to perform in industrial areas. Furthermore, the Mach 6 has drive to both front wheels making it more powerful in order to overcome gradients, ramps and inclines.
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