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Mach MEP floor sweepers

The Mach MEP is a manual sweeper with a total sweeping path of 700 mm. It can sweep up to 2100 sq\m\h, and is therefore more than 10 times faster than a man with a broom.
The Mach MEP is the first and only manual sweeper in the world able to control the dust.
The Mach MEP combines PRODUCTIVITY, SIMPLICITY, ECOLOGY and VALUE FOR MONEY, and can be employed anywhere there are small to medium floor areas to be kept totally dust-free.
Mach MEP floor sweeper

Advanced technology used

The Mach MEP is a very innovative manual sweeper, as it is equipped with a patented system that enables the complete control of dust, which would otherwise be raised when using any other traditional manual sweepers. The Mach MEP has an unlimited running time, it is completely silent and 100% ecological.
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